Waimangu Volcanic Valley - Waimangu, Rotorua New Zealand. Warbrick Terrace, The Emerald Pools, Inferno Crater, and Frying Pan Lake.
Emerald Pools at Waimangu, Rotorua
Warbrick Terrace at Waimangu, Rotorua
Inferno Crater at Waimangu, Rotorua


In 1886 Mount Tarawera erupted in a devastating explosion of ash and lava, ripping the mountain in two and gouging a 17 kilometre rift into the landscape. Lake Rotomahana swelled to twenty times its size and the seven craters that make up the geothermal utopia that is Waimangu, were created.

Waimangu Valley, being the youngest geothermal site in the world, shows off the beauty left behind after a volcanic eruption. Thirty years after the explosion, plant life returned in abundance and the hot pools and springs display multicoloured rock and amazing coloured water

In the Maori language Waimangu means "black water". The area was once the location of the most powerful geyser in the world; spewing black mud 460 metres (1,500 ft) into the air. While the geyser became extinct in 1904, this beautiful valley still bears the name Waimangu. The Waimangu Volcanic Valley is a 20 minute trip south from Rotorua that must not be missed.

The Emerald Pools

The Emerald Pools sit in one of the craters left behind by the 1886 Tarawera eruption, nestled amongst stunning native bushland. The lush green colour of the pools is the result of sphagnum moss, once used in healing for its extracting properties.

Warbrick Terrace

Former Waimangu guide Alfred Warbrick placed sandbags to slow the discharge of a spring, resulting in this visual masterpiece. The terrace is a rolling formation of what looks like multicoloured liquid rock; its colours a blend of gold, black, grey and rust. The unusual colouration is the result of algae, iron oxide, hydroxide and silicate deposits.

Steaming Crater Lakes

Also worth a look are the other unique and beautiful crater lakes in the valley. Watch steam rise from the tantalisingly blue Inferno Crater, and hear the crackling and sizzling of Frying Pan Lake.

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This week's featured activities in Waimangu Volcanic Valley are:

Featured Activities

Waimangu Volcanic Valley Self Guided Tours

Waimangu Volcanic Valley Self Guided Tours

Day Tour - Waimangu Volcanic Valley - Starting from NZ $37.00 per adult

Prime Rotorua tourist attraction, Waimangu Volcanic Valley offers self guided tours through spectacular geothermal activity in the world's youngest geothermal system. Waimangu Volcanic Valley is home to wonderful plant and bird life, thermal hot springs, steaming cliffs, volcanic craters and many more geothermal features.We are just 20 minutes South of Rotorua and 40 minutes North of Taupo. More...

Rotorua Eco Thermal Small Group Full-Day Tour

Rotorua Eco Thermal Small Group Full-Day Tour

All-day Coach Tour - Rotorua - Starting from $295.00 per person

Tour Rotorua's most popular geothermal parks and colorful lakes on a day trip led by a local naturalist guide. You'll see the Lady Knox Geyser erupt, visit the Lake Tarawera lookout and see boiling mud pools and hot springs at Wai-O-Tapu. Along the way, you'll learn all about volcanology, New Zealand's stunning flora and fauna, and Maori history from your naturalist guide. More...

Mount Tarawera Orakei Korako Thermal Explorer

Mount Tarawera Orakei Korako Thermal Explorer

Air Tour - Rotorua - Starting from $565.00 per person

By Floatplane, from above Mount Tarawera impressive views include vast volcanic rifts, distant national parks and our treasured lakes. Flying south we gain an appreciation of what local Maori term the ‘Sisters of Fire’, where volcanic activity has pierced the earth surface across the fault line forming the reserves of Waimangu and Wai-O-Tapu which, when viewed from above display a spectacular pallet of nature’s most vibrant colours. Landing at Orakei Korako, ‘the Hidden Valley’, is an amazing... More...

White Island & Mount Tarawera Floatplane Adventure

White Island & Mount Tarawera Floatplane Adventure

Air Tour - Rotorua - Starting from $635.00 per person

Fly over New Zealand’s only permanently active offshore volcano, White Island and enjoy amazing aerial views of the island's crater lake and ever-changing volcanic activity. Continue across the Pacific Ocean and further inland to the site of the largest eruption in our living memory, Mount Tarawera. More...

3-Day Waitomo Caves, Rotorua and Taupo Trip from Auckland

3-Day Waitomo Caves, Rotorua and Taupo Trip from Auckland

Multi-day Tour - Auckland - Starting from $1199.00 per person

Discover the best attractions of the North Island on this 3-day trip from Auckland. See thousands of tiny glowworms on an underground boat ride at Waitomo Caves, explore the picturesque lakeside setting of Taupo and the amazing Huka Falls and experience the geothermal wonders of Rotorua. More...

Cul-de-sac Home - Holiday Home.

Within 3.9 km of Rotorua International Stadium and 6 km of Polynesian Spa, Cul-de-sac Home offers free WiFi and a...

Waimangu Volcanic Valley Self Guided ToursWaimangu Volcanic Valley Self Guided Tours - Day Tour - Waimangu Volcanic Valley. Starting from NZ $37.00 per adult.

Visit a prime Rotorua tourist attraction, the world's youngest geothermal system and the unique steaming landscapes and...


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